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It Pays to Belong! Did You Know?
Consumer Tips
10 Things Union Members
Can Do Online
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If You've Been Laid Off
Union Plus Can Help
 January 28, 2004 Update 
January 4, 2004
1) Reliable Legal Advice for You and Your Family 
2) Health Club Discounts 
3) Scholarship deadline to apply: January 31, 2004 
4) Pet Services 
5) Everyone needs a will

It Pays to Belong!
When you visit the, Union Plus home page, you'll receive a pop-up form that will ask for your name and union affiliation. Based on that information, you'll receive a customized home page with your union benefits listed.

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If You've Been Laid Off,
Union Plus Can Help.

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Did You Know?
Consumer Tips

  • Did you know you can find all types of consumer tips at ?
    In addition to providing money-saving benefits for union members, Union Plus collects helpful information about a variety of topics. Visit and check out the "Consumer Corner" found in each program section in the right-hand, red column.

  • Did you know you can to turn the Federal Communications Commission with you complaints about telemarketing violations?
    You can file your complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by sending an email to, calling 1-888-CALL-FCC or writing to FCC, Consumer Complaints Division, 445 12th St., Washington, DC 20554. Include your full name, address, phone number to reach you, phone number involved in the complaint, and detailed information regarding the complaint. NOTE: if you registered for the Do Not Call list after August 31, 2003, it will take 90 days for your name to get on that list. You may still receive calls in the meantime.

  • Did you know that you should look for "cramming" on your phone bill?
    "Cramming" is when a third party puts a charge on your phone bill that you did not authorize. Carefully review your phone bill every month and pay paticular attention to items listed under "Miscellaneous Charges and Credits" or "Fees". If you find a charge you didn't make, call your phone company. See , under "Telephone Services" for more information.

  • Did you know you can keep your cellular phone number even if you change companies?
    Starting Nov. 24, 2003, consumers have the option of switching wireless phone companies without having to change their phone number. There's no better time to look into your Union Plus Wireless Phone discount with Cingular (a union-organized company). Find out more about your union-member-only savings online at .

  • Did you know there are simple steps you can take to protect yourself against identity theft?
    Taking a few simple steps will help you protect your good name. Review your credit bureau reports at least once a year for any account activity you didn't originate; do not give out your Social Security Number unless absolutely necessary; shred documents showing account numbers before throwing them away; destroy old credit cards - don't just toss them into the trash; and lock your mailbox or use a PO box to keep your personal information safe. For more information, go to .

  • Did you know you can use the Union Plus Auto Buying program for price comparisons on your new car?
    A new or used car is a large investment for any family. Make sure you're not paying more than you need to by calling the Union Plus Auto Buying Service. The program is designed to help you select your car and negotiate a price for you. Even if you like to haggle with car dealers, go ahead and call the program anyway - you'll get a fair comparison price. Call 1-877-800-2924 or visit .

For more information about these or other Union Plus programs visit:

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10 Things Union Members
Can Do Online at

Congratulations! As a union member, you are automatically entitled to free benefits and special savings. The Union Plus benefits deliver high value and quality service to you and your family.

  1. Visit and complete the short pop-up union form to learn about your special union benefits.

  2. Find money to pay to continuing education for yourself and your family. Search for scholarships at and apply for education loans at .

  3. Order books online from a unionized bookstore at .

  4. Get all the information you need on the "go to college" process at .

  5. Sign up for E-News to receive consumer tips and Union Plus benefits updates at .

  6. Brows Union Plus discounted flower arrangements, order flowers online (for less than what you pay over the phone) and save 15% at .

  7. See more of the world - for less! Book a discounted car rental, union hotel rooms, or your dream vacation online at .

  8. Verify information included in your credit score (saving 15%) and understand how lenders see you at .

  9. Complete our site survey and receive a free screensaver. Let us know what you think about our site and benefits at .

  10. Apply for the Union PlusŪ Credit Card or manage your account. Go directly to .

Visit or email: .

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Union Plus Holiday Savings

This year, save on your holiday gifts and travel with union-member-only discounts:

Give your favorite student a brand new computer at great prices using one of the two available Union Plus discounts:

IBM Computers - Save 10% off the website retail price on selected products. Visit of call 1-800-426-7235 ext., 6250 to find out more and place your order.

Dell Computers - Save 5-10% on selected Dell products. Visit our website at or call 1-800-934-2652 to find out more. Please mention the Union Plus reference code: PS16626766 when you place your order.

Traveling this holiday season? Make sure you check out the special discounts at union hotels. Save as much as 48% while showing support for your union brothers and sisters. Get all the details about this program at .

Car Rental
Need a car while you're traveling? Take advantage of your union-member-only savings at Avis and Budge. Use your Union Plus Credit Card and your discount of up to 15% is automatically applied. Check rates and reserve your car at our website, , or call:
Avis - Call 1-800-5685 and give them your union discount number 8723700 .
Budget - Call 1-800-455-2848 and give them your union discount number V816100.

Take a holiday trip this year-go to New York City to see a Broadway show or visit Universal Studios in sunny California. Before you go anywhere, be sure you check out your Union Plus discounts. Save yourself some money on a variety of shows, theme parks and more! Visit or call 1-800-565-3712 and use ID# 744387769.

For loved ones you won't see this season, send a bouquet of holiday flowers at a 15% union discount through the Union Plus Flower Service. To place an order, just call 1-888-667-7779 or visit our website at and order online.

Give the gift of knowledge with a fine book, Powell's Bookstore, a union-organized online bookstore has everything from bestsellers to used textbooks. Visit to start your holiday shopping.

Pre-purchase your movie tickets and rental coupons and save through the Union Plus Entertainment Discount program. They make great gifts! Save 20% at Blockbuster and Hollywood Video and 25% or more at major nationwide movie chains such as Loews and United Artists. To find out more details, visit or call 1-800-565-3712 and reference Company Member ID: 744387769.

Wireless Phones
Maybe the gift of gab is more your style. Get up to $150 off a selection of phones such as Nokia, Motorola and Siemens. Plus, union members save 10% off monthly access fees for Cingular wireless home plans-or 5% on national plans of $29.99 or more. To find out more details, visit our website at .

MORE Savings For Every Day
With your Union Plus discounts, you can save during the holidays AND every day! Visit our web site at for information about our other exciting and valuable discounts such as:

  • Vacation Packages

  • Pet Care Services

  • Goodyear Tires and Service

Visit often because new Union Plus programs are added all the time!

The Union Plus Holiday Saving programs are brought to you by:
Union Privilege

Program information is subject to change. For current information visit

No union dues are used to provide these benefits.

Member and Consumer Advocacy
The Union Plus Member Advocacy Program will assist you if you have questions or concerns about any of the Union Plus programs. Full-time union member advocates are devoted solely to providing you immediate help. Union Plus also provides a wealth of consumer information to help you improve the quality of your life everyday.

Visit for more information.

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January 2004


1) Reliable legal advice for you and your family 
2) Health club discounts 
3) Scholarship deadline to apply: January 31, 2004 
4) Pet services 
5) Everyone needs a will 


1) Reliable Legal Advice for You and Your Family

Got a legal question? Union Plus Legal Service offers union
members like you a complimentary initial consultation of up to
30 minutes - plus a 30% discount on most additional legal
services. There is no enrollment or annual fee required to use
the service.

You, your spouse, children and dependents are eligible to use
the service. Call 1-888-993-8886 or simply search for a lawyer
in your area here: 

Simple documents such as leases, insurance policies, wills and
sales contracts can be reviewed and explained at no charge. A
program attorney may even determine that a simple follow-up
letter or phone call will resolve your issues - without charge.

The Union Plus Legal Service includes lawyers who speak
different languages and specialize in different areas: family
law (e.g. child custody and divorce issues), real estate,
traffic disputes and more.


2) Health Club Discounts

Keep your new year's resolution to stay fit and save money this
year...Everyone needs at least 30 minutes of daily exercise to
maintain cardiovascular health and weight control. 

With the new Union Plus Health Club Discounts, you have even
more incentive to join a gym. Save 20-60% on initiation and
monthly fees at over 1,500 gyms, including Gold's Gym and

There's never been a better time to start a fitness program. Get
into a healthy routine at by calling 1-888-294-1500 or learn
more and enter your zip code here:


3) Union Plus Scholarship

Ask teenagers like Bryan Buechel what helped pay for college and
they'll say the Union Plus Scholarship. "With tuition rising
10-13% per year, the Union Plus Scholarship will be extremely
helpful in my pharmaceutical studies at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison. The union - with all of its fine benefits -
has always been a blessing to our family," said Bryan (son of a
BAC member), Fond Du Lac, WI.

For more than 10 years, the Union Plus Scholarship program has
supported working families pursuing post-secondary education.
Learn more and download the application here:

DEADLINE: All completed applications must be postmarked by
January 31, 2004. Only winners will be notified if they receive
the scholarship.

Household, the provider of the Union Plus Credit Card, makes
generous donations to the Union Plus Scholarship fund.


4) Pet Services 

Did any furry friends join your family over the holidays? If you
have a pet, don't forget to get pet insurance to help you save
money on expensive vet costs. Get your savings here:


5) Everyone needs a will

It's not a topic most of us want to dwell on - but it's an
important step you need to take: writing a will.

Although wills are simple to create, about half of all Americans
die without one. Wills are not just for the rich; the amount of
property you have is irrelevant. Without a will to indicate your
wishes, a court steps in and distributes your property according
to the laws of your state. Your property may not go to those you
most want to inherit it.

Having a will is especially important if you have young children
because it allows you to designate a guardian for them if you
die. Without a will, a judge will appoint a guardian for your

Read more about wills, living trusts and other legal matters

To help you write a will, find a lawyer in your area using the
Union Plus Legal Service


Questions? Visit or 


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