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Cutting the cake. I want to say thanks to the membership for this going away party.
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The Cake, to bad we had to cut it up. Nice piece of work!
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A chance to visit. Bob Cousins, President of Lodge 1569, Seward, Neb. and his wife Tracy stopped by for my last official day as president of our lodge. That's the back of Tracy's head, Bob's right next to her. Also pictured is Tim Wilcox one of our former lodge presidents.

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This may be considered self serving by some, but what the h***, it's one of my last official acts as the Communications Officer of our lodge.

I was initiated into Siouxland Lodge 1426 IAMAW in January of 1986. I've served as a chief steward and shop steward for the members of Sioux City Brick and Tile. I've also served as a Trustee, Secretary/Treasurer, Communications Officer and President of our lodge. I've also had the pleasure of serving as District Lodge 7 president and as a delegate to many functions, the high light of which was serving as a delegate to the Grand Lodge Convention in Chicago, Ill. I've been a volunteer organizer and have worked on campaigns through out the Midwest Territory.

The education I received from the International Association of Machinists has been and is invaluable to me. And will serve me well for the rest of my working years.

July 1, 2004 I'll be relocating to California for a number of reasons. My son and his family live there and I'll be closer to my grandson. Anyone that has children and/or grand children knows that the years pass way to fast to miss out on them. I've always wanted to live in California since I got out of the Marine Corps in 1969. And last but not least, no blizzards, no 20 below temps., no snow up to your elbows, etc. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the membership for the vote of confidence they gave me by letting me serve the local in the capacities that I have.

Please remember and use my motto;

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