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IAMAW Lodge 1426 Loses an Outstanding Union Brother

Lodge 1426 is losing a vital Brother in the fight. Scott Frazee, is leaving Prince Manufacturing to pursue new challenges in the electrician field. He will be in the Electricians union in the electrician apprenticeship program.

 I have worked closely with Scott on the job as well as within Lodge 1426 and I have to say that his presence and dedication the the union is more than a great loss. Scott has fought several years  for all that we stand for. He has endured two strikes and has served his shop(s) and Lodge 1426 in many capacities. Scott recently came off of a thirteen week strike at Prince and I have never seen his kind of dedication. This guy is a true union brother and I know his Electrician brothers will be proud to have him aboard.

I can personally attest to the the fact that Scott is a one of a kind Union Brother. He has some rare qualities that will ultimately drive him forward in his new career. Scott will be greatly missed at Prince and Lodge 1426.

During the Prince strike, Scott was the go to guy it seemed. He was there when you needed him and if he didn't have the answer he would get it for you. I know he fielded allot of calls during the strike and sometimes guys forget to show they're appreciation but I know how much his service to Lodge 1426 was appreciated because I've heard it on several occasions.

Personally, I want to thank Scott for his service to Lodge 1426 and the Prince shop. You were a true brother through it all. You walked out of the shop with your head held high and you still carry the fight with you that you started with. I just have to say man, you are my brother and always will be. Don't ever forget, when you punched the Prince clock for the last time, "You Won".

Keep up the fight and Stand Strong!

Good Luck in your new career. You're going places!



It is the purpose of this page to inform our members and the public of our ongoing strike.   Further, it is the policy of Siouxland Lodge No. 1426, District Lodge No. 6, and the Grand Lodge of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to promote and engage in only strikes that are non-violent in nature.   While we appreciate and encourage our members and the public to regularly visit this site please do not use it as a conveyance or an excuse for violence or other illegal activity.   Any individual or individuals who engage in violent or other illegal behavior related to this labor dispute do so at their own risk and without knowledge or sanction of the entities listed above.   For those of you who visit this site and support our cause we thank you; for those of you who do not share our views we thank you for visiting this site and giving us the opportunity to educate you.


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